Who are we?
We are a community.
A community that welcomes and celebrates all women.

Women of every race, religion, sexual orientation, and divergent background.

Women who are curious, courageous, and willing to defy convention to stand for a higher truth.

Women who rage together, grieve together, and feel every drop of our righteous emotions...together.

Who recognize the power and necessity of sisterhood.

Who reach across borders and barriers to better understand ourselves, each other, and humanity as a whole.

Right now, women need each other more than ever before.

In response to the violent terrorist attacks that have rocked our global community, and the humanitarian crisis unfolding in both Israel and Palestine, I will be hosting a new installment in the Sisterhood Series this week.

Join me on Friday, October 20th for a free connection call on Zoom where we will process the impact of these sweeping injustices, and have a chance to move through rupture in a safe and supportive container.

This is an opportunity for collective activism and collective healing. A soft and sacred place to land when you are feeling overwhelmed by all that is raging in our world.

This is the place to come unleashed and come undone. To find hope amidst the heartbreak. To claim your darkness and your light.

In sisterhood and community,
we find our way back to ourselves.

Join me at 10 AM ET on Friday, October 20th, for my latest installment in the Sisterhood Series – a community-wide gathering on Zoom for the purpose of connection, activism, and consciousness-raising around specific causes that are near and dear to my heart.

This session will be one hour in length, entirely free of charge, and open to all women on a first-come, first-served basis.

Friday, October 20, 2023: 10 - 11 AM ET /  7 - 8 AM PT


What we feel, we can heal.

The Sisterhood Series is a safe space to explore and express every facet of your emotional range. To be seen, heard, and felt wherever you're at.

During this call, I will be introducing you to one of my most cathartic tools called Swamping. Swamping allows you to embrace your dark side and increase your emotional resilience by moving strong emotions through your body.

Your truth will set me free, and mine will set you free. Together, we will wade through trauma and tragedy – alchemizing our pain into action and finding ways to take ourselves higher in the process.

Whether you’re a long time practitioner of the School of Womanly Arts, or brand new to this work – whether you have taken my classes, read my books, or done none of the above – you are welcome to attend this gathering.

Let’s do this. Together. Sisterhood is our salvation.